Whether connecting with new people or catching up with old friends, these are some of the ways I prefer to keep in touch.

  • 📧 The best way to contact me is over email. After two decades on Gmail, I’ve recently switched the bulk of my personal communications to Proton Mail.

  • 🌐 I have a profile on Assemblag.es, a Mastodon fork administered by off-duty science and technology studies researchers.1 Decentralised by design, the platform’s granular privacy settings and self-deleting archive have been instrumental in weaning me off Twitter, while presenting fresh opportunities to post into the void.

  • 📷 I share photos of strange objects, sights, and situations with friends and trusted others on Instagram. Having somehow dazzle-camouflaged Meta’s ad-targeting systems, I also treat the platform as a window into the collective unconscious; a way of monitoring the ebb and flow of dropshippers and get-rich-quick schemes.

  • ⌨️ To streamline my website management, I’ve recently moved from Wordpress to a static site using Jekyll. I’m hoping this new setup will short-circuit some of the friction of posting, helping me push more regular updates.

  • 👔 I’m on LinkedIn, though I don’t pretend to understand it.

  • 🗂️ I’m an enthusiastic user of research and collaboration platform Are.na, which keeps me attuned to the weird art kids 15 years my junior.2 I’ve been using the site since March 2020, and over the years, it’s become a kind of (searchable) prosthetic memory, and a key part of how I use the internet.

  • ☕ In-person conversation has its own magic, and I’m always game for a coffee or a walk. So if you’re passing through York, Leeds, or elsewhere in the north of England, let me know, and we’ll line something up.

  1. I’m currently participating in an improbable Python-for-ethnography skill exchange with Tim, our server admin. Wouldn’t have got that on Twitter. ⤴︎

  2. After buying an Are.na-branded hoodie to justify the cost of shipping the platform’s print annual from the US, the offending garment has ended up in regular circulation, earning impressed and/or bewildered reactions from those in-the-know. ⤴︎