Justin Pickard is a researcher, writer, and technographer in-training. Currently based at the STEPS Centre, he is working towards a PhD on water infrastructure and uncertainty in urban Gujarat, where he will be conducting field research from late 2014.

An alumnus of London-based design practice Superflux, Justin’s work focuses on the interplay of new technology, grassroots innovation, and international development. He has taught foresight and innovation to American high school students, facilitated design futures workshops, and been part of a science communication project on prosthetic vision — which involved stumbling around north London with an inert lump of 3D printed plastic taped to his face.

Justin has spoken at events including FutureEverything, Lift, and Improving Reality, and has written for Arc, Emirati literary journal The State, and The Guardian’s science policy blog. He holds an MSc in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex, and an MA in Digital Media from the University of London.

For low-latency updates and spooky co-presence, consider following Justin on Twitter.

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