Justin Pickard is an anthropologist and strategist. Currently based at the STEPS Centre, at the University of Sussex, he is finishing up a Ph.D. on infrastructure, obduracy, and technology mobilities in urban Gujarat.

His research focuses on technology in global and urban contexts, working the edges of anthropology, STS, urban geography, and postcolonial theory to find better ways of understanding and intervening in processes of socio-technical change.

Justin Pickard

He is also a member of research company Strange Telemetry, founded in October 2014 to investigate the diverse contexts in which technologies are imagined, built, used, and controlled.

Justin holds an M.Sc. in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex, and an M.A. in Digital Media from the University of London. He sometimes takes photos. For low-latency updates and spooky co-presence, consider following him on Twitter.