2014: The Year in Review

Ten days in Gujarat, four days in Geneva, a week in the Peak District, a week in the Lake District, four days in Linz. Nights in London, Newcastle, Lancaster, Liverpool, Sheffield.


Uttarayan in Ahmedabad; a sky thick with kites, ablaze with Chinese lanterns. African tourists at the Adalaj stepwell. Drinking whisky on the roof of a friend’s parents’ villa.

Fansubbed episodes of Korean reality show The Genius: Rules of the Game.

Dinner in Stanmer House, as part of the department’s 2014 postgraduate conference. Papers on graphene, lab-grown meat, German PV, Dutch biogas, and Irish wind farms.

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s 20,000 Days on Earth (trailer), seen in the company of friends, in the city where it was shot.


A pair of National Trust-managed cottages in Little Langdale, Cumbria. An electric car in an eight-minute hailstorm. Psychogeography in a flooded quarry. Caviar and white chocolate, lemon posset, tawny port.

Hindi orthography and diacritics. The Brighton Beer Dispensary. The London College of Communication.

Attempting to explain TR’s The Monopoly of Legitimate Use to my parents.

Five months in 7th-century England, courtesy of Nicola Griffith’s Hild (review).


Derwent Reservoir’s solid-masonry dam. Chicken for fifteen in Geneva.

A crisp February Saturday spent walking the length of London’s Regent’s Canal.

A ramble through the strata of post-industrial Sheffield with PGR.


An hour-long night hike through peri-urban Linz. Raurakl, bats, and karaoke so bad we mistook it for a call to prayer.

Trolling children at a wedding in a field, several miles east of Hassocks.

The mortification of being taken to task for speaking too quickly at Austrians.


A company. An algorave. A change of address.

65daysofstatic, Jesca Hoop, John Grant, Nordic Giants.

A helikite over Peckham. A festive origami llama, folded from a map of Ludlow. A shiny new Canon DSLR, purchased on the advice of ES, the direct descendent of a model smuggled out of Japan by my parents in the 1970s.

Sitting in the car at Beachy Head with my brother, his girlfriend, and a thermos of tea, sheltering from the rain.

GV’s Chesterfield sofa. Boardgames. A documentary photography course. Counselling.

The Good Wife, The Knick, The Wolf Among Us.


A couple of hours spent in Lewes’ Swan Inn with GV on Bonfire Night, flanked by costumed pirates, having raced a setting sun across the Downs.

Capture the flag, played with a bunch of strangers in Queen’s Park.

Podcasts, procrastination, hangovers, and the simple pleasures of living with friends.

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